Dumb Bunny Bush finds humor in tornado-ravaged Kansas (5/10/07)

“He briefly grabbed a chain saw, ripping it into action for the cameras and other media that accompanied him. ‘How are you all?’ Bush asked as he moved among residents. ‘Stylish looking hat,’ he joked to a man in a green fedora.”

Associated Press.

Katrina redux. Seen one disaster, seen ‘em all. Greensburg is 95 percent destroyed, just like Iraq, but let's look at the bright side: There's still five percent standing! “Follow the rug!”

And hey, it’s a chance to get out of the Oval Office, where all he does — especially in cabinet meetings and national security briefings — is sit and twiddle his thumbs. At least he doesn’t fall sound asleep, as Reagan was famous for doing.

Dumb Bunny's toughest job at the not-so-White House is appearing interested, a rough assignment for one with no stomach for raw facts — only the cooked kind, splashed with Neocon dressing.

The AP article continues, “The president said he came to Kansas to tour the wreckage in the hopes that he could ‘touch somebody's soul by representing our country.’” Is he serious? Good thing I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.


Another question worth asking is, is the AP serious in repeating such a line?
Posted by: Andrew Hedges | Email | Web | May 10, 2007

Ah, now we’re into another realm. Perhaps the AP reporter was as shocked and appalled at witnessing Dumb Bunny’s charade as I was reading about it. Actually, “shocked and appalled” no longer applies to the Bush admixture of comedy and tragedy. I laugh at Bush’s fumbles and bumbles, but at the same time, I cry for America. How do you satirize someone who seems always to be satirizing himself? He has learned nothing — nada, zip, zilch — in six years as the grinning figurehead on the Ship of State, while his Neocon handlers have run amok with their ill-founded and demonic strategy to conquer the world and transform America's great experiment in democracy into a de facto dictatorship. Don’t get me started.
Posted by: David Hedges | May 11, 2007